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Project Location

Within walking distance to banks, hospitals, beaches and only a few steps to the university, Caddemm have perfect location in the heart of Famagusta, Cyprus.


University of Island City: Same Plot.
Eastern Mediterranean University: 4 min
Istanbul Technical University: 5 min
Batı Kent University: 5 min

Shopping Centers

Lemar Shopping Center: 1 min
CityMall: 2 min
Önder Shopping Center: 1 min

Important Destinations

Old Town: 3 min
Palm Beach: 3 min
Glapsides: 3 min
Silver Beach: 3 min
Free Port: 3 min


Famagusta State Hospital: 5 min
Famagusta Medical Hospital: 1 min
Famagusta Yaşam Hospital: 1 min


Turk Bank: Adjacent Plot
Banks that available within 1-2 minute:
Türkiye İş Bank, Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank,
Garanti Bank,TEB, Creditwest, Koop Bank.


Costa Coffee: 2 min
Roberts Coffee: 2 min
David People: 2 min
Mardo: 1 min
Galleria Cinema: 2 min
Mağusa Arena: 2 min

Caddemm is located on Salamis Road where brand stores and franchises are available.

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Caddemm with Numbers

Retail units
with different
residental units
with different
dimensions & locations
Outdoor & Indoor

Why Caddemm?

  • Unique! First and only private avenue of Cyprus
  • In the heart of Famagusta!
  • Brand project: A combination of quality & comfort
  • Rent income
  • Capital appreciation
  • Easy and quick return of investment
  • Ease of transportation & access
  • No parking problem: outdoor and indoor parking
  • Location, location, location…
  • Can be bought & sold easily

Project Details

A Block - Retail Units

5 retail units
3 x 292 m²
2 x 346 m² (corner)
Basement, Ground Floor,
Mezzanine, +1 Floor

B Block
Retail & Apartment

11 retail units with different dimensions.

119 apartment units with different
dimensions and locations.

56 unit 1- bedrooms

56 unit 2- bedrooms

7 unit 3- bedrooms

D Block is a mirror reflection of B Block with same retail and apartment types.
Their only difference is the number of floors where B Block is 7 storeys whereas D block is 10 storeys.

D Block
Retail & Apartment

11 retail units with different dimensions.

119 apartment units with different
dimensions and locations.

80 unit 1- bedrooms

80unit 2- bedrooms

10 unit 3- bedrooms

C Blok

C BloCk

Outdoor swimming pool
Indoor swimming pool
Health & Beauty Club
Fitness Center
Steam Room
Bars & Restaurants

Project Features

Central heating and cooling system (VRF)
Central fire protection system
Central power generation system
2 entrances and elevators in each block
3 choices in materials and colors
400 car capacity indoor and outdoor parking

Our Quality Suppliers

Heating & Cooling
Perlite Plaster for
Interior / Exterior
Glasses / Doors / Windows
Ecotherm Thermal Insulating Brick
Wood & Furniture

Caddemm Trailers

Frequently Asked Questions

Caddemm has 42,000 m² construction area built on 13,000 m² land

Caddemm’s land is exhange title. As AKOL Group, we build all our projects on Turkish title deed or Exchange Title.

Caddemm consists of four blocks, which will be built in two phases. Phase I includes A and B blocks, whose construction is ongoing.

Phase II includes C and D blocks, whose construction will be completed 6 months after I/II handover.

A Block, which will be completed as a part of Phase I of the construction only consists of 5 retail units, with no residential units on top. The retail units have a basement floor, main floor, mezzanine, and +1 floor.

B Block, which will also be completed in phase I has 7 floors on top of one storey retail units.

D Block, to be completed in phase II is mirror reflection of B block, with 10 storeys on top of 1-storey retail units.

C block is two storeys, and there is an indoor parking lot under C and D blocks.

Construction activities of A and B blocks in phase I are ongoing with accelerated speed, and it is expected to be delivered before October 2018. Phase II consisting of C and D blocks is planned to be completed 6 months after the handover of phase I.

There are 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units available. They are categorized into type A, B and C, depending on their gross area.

1-bedrooms may be 55m², 59m² or 64m² in corner units.
2-bedrooms may be 84m² or 94m², while some of the 94m² units are corner apartments.
All 3-bedrooms are 120m² and corner units.

In phase I of our project there are 56 1-bedroom, 56 2-bedroom and 7 3-bedroom apartments.


All of our valid campaigns as of December 1st 2017.

Our offers to meet at the first and only private avenue of North Cyprus in 2018:

Off-plan mortgage agreement that signed between us and Türkiye İş Bank:

Bank of Turkey
became guarantor
to brand project

120 Months Installments for Loan in Turkish Liras

Off-plan mortgage agreement was signed between Türkiye İş Bank and AKOL Group of Companies for “Caddemm” project. Loan can be used in Turkish Lira or foreign currencies.

While granting this loan is fully in discretion of Türkiye İş Bank Crediting Rules, citizens of all countries may apply.

Loan can be used for up to 80% of the property price, and this rate is applicable for Turkish and TRNC citizens, who reside in these countries. Different rates apply for other citizens.

This rate changes to 65% for Turkish and TRNC citizens residing in countries other than Turkey and TRNC. For other country citizens, this rate varies between 50-65%.

The remaining percentage must be paid to AKOL Group of Companies until the handover date.

Up to 120 month installments is available.
Granting this loan is fully in Türkiye İş Bank’s discretion.
Current property prices are simultaneously monitored and known by Türkiye İş Bank experts.

AKOL Group of Companies reserve the right to change the property prices at any time.
AKOL Group of Companies reserve the right to end this agreement at any time.

Title deed fees are 6%, and 3% for first time buyers.
Property VAT is 5% of the property value determined by the land registry office.

A copy of Turkish Identity card or passport from the country of citizenship, original payroll statement; bank statement if retired; or statement of income from accounting if self-employed are required.

The documents required from the Ministry of the Interior for purchasing an immovable property is as such: criminal record from e-devlet or from the country of citizenship, and a copy of ID or passport. If the person whose name is on the documents will not be present at the time of application, a power of attorney is also required.

At the end of these processes, buyer will obtain property ownership and residency permits in the island.

Other than this agreement between AKOL Group of Companies and Türkiye İş Bank, the company have other loan options available. These loans are in foreign currency, and the installments are limited to 48 months.

These loans can be used for all projects of AKOL Group, and are not limited to Caddemm project.

Is Bank Partnership

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