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Caddemm Advertising Video

Caddemm Introduction Video

Project Location

Within walking distance to banks, hospitals, beaches and only a few steps to the university, Caddemm has a perfect location in the heart of Famagusta, North Cyprus.


University of Island City: Same Plot.
Eastern Mediterranean University: 4 min
Istanbul Technical University: 5 min
Batı Kent University: 5 min

Shopping Centers

Lemar Shopping Center: 1 min
CityMall: 2 min
Önder Shopping Center: 1 min


Costa Coffee: 2 min
Rioverde Coffee: 2 min
David People: 2 min
Mardo: 1 min
Galleria Cinema: 2 min
Mağusa Arena: 2 min

Caddemm is located on Salamis Road where brand stores and franchises are available.


Famagusta State Hospital: 5 min
Famagusta Medical Hospital: 1 min
Famagusta Yaşam Hospital: 1 min


Banks that available within 1-2 minute:

Türkiye İş Bank
Ziraat Bank
Halk Bank
Garanti Bank
TEB Bank
Koop Bank
Turk Bank

Important Destinations

Old Town: 3 min
Palm Beach: 3 min
Glapsides: 3 min
Silver Beach: 3 min
Free Port: 3 min

Caddemm With Numbers

square meter
Plot area
Retaıl unıts
wıth dıfferent dımensıons
resıdentıal unıts
wıth dıfferent dımensıons

Outdoor & Indoor parking spaces

Why Caddemm?

  • Unique! – One and only exclusive Street of Cyprus
  • At the heart of the Famagusta!
  • Brand project – Quality & comfort is all together
  • High rent return opportunity
  • Profitable investment increasing in value
  • Easy and quick return of investment
  • Ease of transportation & access
  • Comfortable open and indoor parking areas
  • Central location of the project
  • Easy terms

Project Details

Project Features

Central heating and cooling (VRF)
Central fire figthing control system
Central power genarator
Central water pump system
Central underground water storage
An Elevator and Entry for each block
400 Car Capacity Indoor & Outdoor Parking Area

A Block

With basement, first floor, mezzanine and
+1 floor options and with 292 m² and 346 m² width, it has convenient commercial areas.

B-C Block

It consists 11 commercial areas with various dimensions and 119 comfortable flats with various dimensions and locations
central heating and cooling VRF system  1+1, 2+1, 3+1 luxury residancel flats.

D Blok

D Block contains an outdoor swimming pool, café, bar, pub, restaurants and gym. It has a ground floor and +2 floors at total.

E-F Blok

It consists 11 commercial areas with various dimensions and 147 comfortable flats with various dimensions and locations central heating and cooling VRF system studio, 1+1 & 2+1  luxury residancel flats.

Cademm Floor Plans

B-C Block


F Block

E Block

Caddemm E Block Flat Plans

D Blok Kat Planlari
Current Campaigns

last 30 flats

First and Only Private avenue in the Island & Famagusta!

An investment opportunity campaign you shouldn’t miss from Caddemm.

%30 Down payment, 120 Months installment!

Vat, Electricity Application Fees, Water & Sewer System Application Fees Are included! 

Credit Is Ready!

Brand Project at Caddemm Studio and 1+1 flats 

With this not to miss opportunity, buy easily, sell with profit or rent and always gain.

Prices start from 39,900 GBP! Luxury residencel flats

Call us now! 
+90 548 888 25 65 & +90 392 444 2 555 

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Our Quality Suppliers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Caddemm has 33,000 m² construction area built on 13,000 m² land

Caddemm’s land is exhange title. As Akol, we build all our projects on Turkish title deed or Exchange Title.

Caddemm Project is a 2 stage project with 6 blocks at total. The first stage that contains A, B and C blocks is completed and the second stage that includes F Block is completed, and D & E blocks construction has already begin.

The part of the project that has completed, A block contains 5 mercantile areas, basement, ground floor, mezzanine and +1 floor.

B and C block is also completed and contain 11 mercantile areas, 119 apartments in different sizes and locations and a ground floor, mezzanine and +7 floors.

E-F blocks contains 11 mercantile areas with different sizes. E-F blocks contain 147 comfortable apartments which comes with different size and location options, except of these apartments blocks also contain a ground floor, mezzanine and +7 floors. Also there is an underground parking area beneath D, E and F blocks.

Caddemm consists of six blocks, which will be built in two phases. Phase I includes A,B and C blocks, whose construction is completed.

Phase II includes F Block is completed, and D & E blocks, whose construction will be completed in MAY 2020

Recent Caddemm Photos

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Şehit İbrahim Hasan Street Ayluga Road Famagusta, TRNC

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