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Project Location

Within walking distance to banks, hospitals, beaches and only a few steps to the university, Caddemm has a perfect location in the heart of Famagusta, North Cyprus.


University of Island City: Same Plot.
Eastern Mediterranean University: 4 min
Istanbul Technical University: 5 min
Batı Kent University: 5 min

Shopping Centers

Lemar Shopping Center: 1 min
CityMall: 2 min
Önder Shopping Center: 1 min


Costa Coffee: 2 min
Rioverde Coffee: 2 min
David People: 2 min
Mardo: 1 min
Galleria Cinema: 2 min
Mağusa Arena: 2 min

Caddemm is located on Salamis Road where brand stores and franchises are available.


Famagusta State Hospital: 5 min
Famagusta Medical Hospital: 1 min
Famagusta Yaşam Hospital: 1 min


Banks that available within 1-2 minute:

Türkiye İş Bank
Ziraat Bank
Halk Bank
Garanti Bank
TEB Bank
Koop Bank
Turk Bank

Important Destinations

Old Town: 3 min
Palm Beach: 3 min
Glapsides: 3 min
Silver Beach: 3 min
Free Port: 3 min

Caddemm With Numbers

square meter
Plot area
Retaıl unıts
wıth dıfferent dımensıons
resıdentıal unıts
wıth dıfferent dımensıons

Outdoor & Indoor parking spaces

Why Caddemm?

  • Unique! – One and only exclusive Street of Cyprus
  • At the heart of the Famagusta!
  • Brand project – Quality & comfort is all together
  • High rent return opportunity
  • Profitable investment increasing in value
  • Easy and quick return of investment
  • Ease of transportation & access
  • Comfortable open and indoor parking areas
  • Central location of the project
  • Easy terms

Project Details

Activities & Facilities

Concierge Services
Exhibition Hall
Meeting Halls
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Fitness Center
Restaurant & PUB
Cafe & Bistro
Shopping Center
İndoor & Outdoor Parking Lots

A Block

Salamis mainroad
300 m2
350 m2
5 Shops

B-C Block

11 Shops
119 Flats

D Blok

Activity Center

E-F Blok

11 Shops
147 Flats

Caddemm Commercial Shops

On Salamis Road, a total of 45 shops with areas varies from 108m2 to 1000m2 with a total of 11000m2.
for more information about buying and renting, 

please contact: +90 548 888 25 65

Caddemm Floor Plans

B-C Block


F Block

E Block

Caddemm E Block Flat Plans

Our Solution Partners

Our Quality Suppliers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Caddemm has 40,000 m² construction area built on 13,000 m² land

Caddemm’s land is exhange title. As Akol, we build all our projects on Turkish title deed or Exchange Title.

Caddemm Project is a 2 stage project with 6 blocks at total. The first stage that contains A, B and C blocks is completed and the second stage that includes F Block is completed, and D & E blocks construction has already begin.

The part of the project that has completed, A block contains 5 mercantile areas, basement, ground floor, mezzanine and +1 floor.

B and C block is also completed and contain 11 mercantile areas, 119 apartments in different sizes and locations and a ground floor, mezzanine and +7 floors.

E-F blocks contains 11 mercantile areas with different sizes. E-F blocks contain 147 comfortable apartments which comes with different size and location options, except of these apartments blocks also contain a ground floor, mezzanine and +7 floors. Also there is an underground parking area beneath D, E and F blocks.

Caddemm consists of six blocks, which will be built in two phases. Phase I includes A,B and C blocks, whose construction is completed.

Phase II includes F Block is completed, and D & E blocks, whose construction will be completed in 2020

Recent Caddemm Photos

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+90 (548) 888 2565​

Şehit İbrahim Hasan Street Ayluga Road Famagusta, TRNC

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